Let’s go to Lugo

Lugo is known for having the oldest and only complete Roman wall still standing in a complete circuit in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Center! This small town is an essential Galicia stop. It should also be known that Lugo is home to the festival of San Froilán in October making it the perfect time to visit the city!

The festival of San Froilán is similar to a county fair in Nebraska, if it were cold and everyone was drinking wine and eating octopus along with their cotton candy, which has been proven to be a recipe for disaster by Briy, the only Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Lugo.

Speaking of, here is Briy making a decision that she will most definitely regret later.

A mix of Fulbrights from Ourense (Tanner, other Emma & me), Vigo (Katie, Delfina & A.J.), and Santiago (Emily, Brooke, and Stacey) were welcomed by Briy to come celebrate the wonderful festival of San Froilán in Lugo, and celebrate we did!

There was pulpo and party as far as the eye could see!

However, the party quickly ended for us late (early) twenties folk. The cold weather shepherded us back to Briy’s apartment to eat a cozy dinner of McDonald’s (my meal: m&m Mcflurry, small fries, and a salad for balance). Together we filled Briy’s living room to play some different group games, facilitated by Delfina. It was similar to being back at Camp Kitaki with the teens unit as we guessed the titles of movies based on vague hints. A little after midnight, the living room was converted into a bedroom, with 2 couches and the floor providing ample space for our first real Fulbright slumber party.

The next morning, we took to the streets of Lugo in search of breakfast, and we ended up in a bakery eating massive croissants stuffed with whipped cream and chocolate buttercream frosting. Half of the group had slept in Airbnbs and met us later to walk around the historic roman wall.

These photos above of the roman wall are not my own, because I forgot to take any!

Below you can find my photos!

We had nice brisk/sunny morning weather during our walk around the wall which provided for some nice views of the city below. The wall surrounds the old part of the city, and there are no cars allowed within. Inside there are twisty streets full of restaurants, cafes, and shops. (There were many more people than normal due to the festival).

At the end of our loop around the wall, we came upon the Cathedral of Lugo, and we certainly could not come to the festival of a Catholic saint without stopping in.

With a tour of the cathedral, my trip to Lugo came to a close. I returned to Ourense in a Blablacar with Tanner & Emma full and happy hearted. I highly recommend Lugo (Litgo), especially during the festival of San Froilán. Thanks for hosting, Briy!

Thank you for reading. Until next time, amigos. Ciao!

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