Amsterdam Day Two

I woke up the next morning, ate a quick breakfast at my hostel and began to walk towards the Anne Frank Museum. I was early for my scheduled time, so I roamed around the Jordaan neighborhood a little before arriving.

Anne Frank Museum

I arrived at the Anne Frank museum at 9:30 a.m. and began the hour long tour. The museum mostly highlights the house itself and specific writings by Anne. It is a very beautiful museum. I would suggest reading her Diary before a visit to make the experience even more powerful.

Tulip Museum

While walking through the Jordaan Neighborhood, I spotted this cute museum. It was not open yet, but the tulips outside looked gorgeous!

Canal Tour

I took the Stromma Canal Cruise from the Jordaan Neighborhood for 90 minutes going around the entire city center of Amsterdam. I bought a chocolate covered waffle as a snack and used this time to plan the rest of my weekend! Also, this was really the only time all weekend that I sat down and gave my feet a break!

Amsterdam Museum

Wow. so much history. I was getting a little exhausted at this point so I mostly just walked through the museum, but if you stop and take the time to read, there is so much information about the city from it’s beginning to the present day! 


The Begijnhof is one of the oldest hofjes in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A group of historic buildings, mostly private dwellings, are in the center. This location is a little tricky to find, but it can be accessed through side streets behind the Amsterdam Museum.

I had to STOP while walking on my way to the next museum because I finally saw Michelle Obama’s book in ENGLISH. I ran inside to grab my copy.

I continued my break by grabbing some of Amsterdam’s famous fries. These frites are served with frite sauce which includes mayo and an asian peanut sauce. All the stands have long lines of tourists. I bought the small cone. The large is HUGE. 

Museum Van Loon – Authentic Canal House

Museum Van Loon is a museum located in a canalside house alongside the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum is named after the family Van Loon that lived in the house from the 19th century.

Hermitage Museum

Following this canal house, I walked to the Hermitage Museum. This is a museum that is part of Russia’s Hermitage. The main exhibit was Classic Beauty.

Walk through Waterlooplein Market

Rembrandt House Museum

The Rembrandt House Museum is a historic house and art museum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Painter Rembrandt lived and worked in the house between 1639 and 1656. The 17th-century interior has been reconstructed. The collection contains Rembrandt’s etchings and paintings of his contemporaries.

Walk from Rembrandt’s House to the Heineken Factory

Heineken Factory

This interactive tour through Heineken’s history in their former brewery was so much fun! There is a little information, and a lot of interactive experiences. Ends in the Heineken bar with two beers included for each person.   


I treated myself to a gourmet Indonesian dinner at Sampurna: 

NASA KUNING – yellow saffron rice

SAYUR LODEH – vegetables in coconut milk

RENDING – tender braised spicy beef

AYAM GORING KERING – dry fried crispy chicken with chili sauce a side

ADAM RUYAK – delicious fresh chicken in chili lemon leaves

SATE SAPI – tender beef on a skewer with soy sauce

SAMBAL GORENG TELOR – egg in spicy coconut sauce

SAMBAL GORENG BUNCIS – beans in chili tomato sauce

TAHU TEMPEH BLADO – tofu, soybean cheese in gravy chili sauce

SALAT MANGA – young mango in light peanut dressing

CAR KETIMUN – cucumber pickles

SERUNDENG – spiced coconut

EMPING – nut crackers


Following dinner, I met with Mackenzie. We got some mulled wine from a Christmas stand and then headed to the apartment of her friend Britta. I spent the evening meeting new people from the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Italy, Iceland, and the United States. We played charades A LOT, but were having a wonderful time. 

At the end of the night, Mackenzie walked me back to my hostel once again. 

End of night two. Continue reading:

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