What Do We Need Men For?

What Do We Need Men For? A Model Proposal by E. Jean Carroll

It’s a beautiful what do we need men for day, ladies! 

E. Jean Carroll, What Do We Need Men For?

I listened to E. Jean Carroll read aloud What Do We Need Men For? as an audiobook, intrigued by her disposition, her resolve, and her story. A story that might have seemed almost impossible before the Me Too movement really began. And I am not only referring to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, raping E. Jean Carroll in a dressing room, but all the boys, young men, and grown men who pushed this brilliant author down to the ground, utilized weapons and sheer force with such clear goals of inflicting harm.

This book highlighted something for me that the Me Too movement did not: that my grandmother’s generation, the same generation as E. Jean Carroll, experienced an absolutely absurd amount of sexual harassment and assault that reached a shocking level of violence and frequency. Although aware of how the Me Too movement has affected my mother’s generation and all those younger, I reserved a certain sense morality for the prior generation, my grandmother’s generation, which I now see was clearly undeserved.

In listening to E. Jean Carroll, an Indiana beauty queen, tell of her first experience being assaulted by a young boy in her neighborhood and having a mother run outside to the front lawn to pull the boy off of E. Jean Carroll, this illusionary image of white picket fenced America in my mind, that has been injured and deflated by films like Revolutionary Road, was damaged in a whole new manner.

In addition to the horrendous stories of assault by famous men, one who runs the conservative news and another who sits in the Oval office, there are brilliant stories of E. Jean Carrolls youth, as a beauty queen, it girl, interviewer, and more.

I implore you to pick up this book and find out for yourself, just how fantastic E. Jean Carroll is, and even more so encourage you to listen to her very own voice narrate this book as an audiobook. Because I listened to What Do We Need Men For? as an audiobook, I only stopped to take down a couple quotes, and I will share my favorite below.

What Do We Need Men For? (various women shout back, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING & YARD WORK) is such an important read, a survivor of rape committed by the President of the United States is sharing her story, and it is brilliant, comical, dark, and shocking. Please pick up E. Jean Carroll’s book for yourself!

It is a melancholy object to be pondering the question “What do we need men for?” and at the same time be driving Ms. Bingly up the middle of this great country. Kentucky. Ohio. Oh my America. and still, see in the streets, hundreds of members of the male sex, sending dick pics, wondering where the clitoris is, cheating on their wives, taking up two seats, interrupting, lying, stalking, robbing, murdering, purgering, passing laws, etc, etc. 

E. Jean Carroll, What Do We Need Men For?

But I believe every young woman starting out in life ought to know the truth about coping with a dickwad.

E. Jean Carroll, What Do We Need Men For?

Just because you have boobs doesn’t mean you’re not strong. 

E. Jean Carroll, What Do We Need Men For?

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