Tears We Cannot Stop

Tears We Cannot Stop, A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson Below are some of the quotes from Tears We Cannot Stop that jumped off the page at me. Pick up this book, read it for yourself. We have work to do. It starts with me and continues with you. I offer this … Continue reading Tears We Cannot Stop

Scandinavia – Copenhagen and Malmö

The story of two Nebraska gals, with Scandinavian roots returning to the homeland after generations, after the coincidence of being Fulbright Spain ETAs living an hour apart in Galicia! Copenhagen Brooke and I met on the 5+ hour train from Santiago, stopping in Ourense, on the way to Madrid at the crack of dawn. One … Continue reading Scandinavia – Copenhagen and Malmö

Valencia Fulbright Midyear Conference + a lot of Shih Tzu Love

All of Fulbright Spain gathered in Valencia from February 6th to the 10th to enjoy the sunshine, paella, and beaches that Valencia has to offer while unpacking five months of teaching, researching, and thriving in Spain. 180 grantees contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of the city during a week that was equally recharging and exhausting. … Continue reading Valencia Fulbright Midyear Conference + a lot of Shih Tzu Love