As a digital humanities (DH) focused undergrad, the majority of my work culminated in data analysis projects. Below are a few different techniques in textual analysis applied to class assignments, research at the Willa Cather Archive with advisor Dr. Andrew Jewell, and as a research intern for Dr. Matthew Jockers.

My Thesis as a Research Poster

Textual Analysis of Willa Cather’s Letters in R: Twenty Topic Models

Click here to see my research poster on Willa Cather’s letters

Awarded Best Capstone Essay of the Department of English 2017

My English Capstone Essay

James Baldwin’s Twentieth Century America: Linguistic Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Barack Obama and James Baldwin

Click here to read James Baldwin’s Twentieth Century America

Global Political Analysis

My Global Studies Capstone Essay

Women Heads of State: The Impact of Family Ties

My Spanish Capstone Essay

Caballero en Don Quijote de La Mancho: historia literaria y análisis digital

Textual Analysis in R

Hillary Clinton and Presidential Language Fingerprints

Click here to read Hillary Clinton and Presidential Language Fingerprints